Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Worldwide Protective Products' ATA® Prevent Wear™ Garments

Prevent Wear
 Composite Garments

ATA® Prevent Wear™ Composite Garments are the answer for your complete upper body protection needs. Made from extremely strong composite materials, these garment offer unmatched cut and abrasion resistance, while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. A reinforced belly patch section of the front of every garment offers even greater protection from slash injuries in high risk areas of the body. These cut resistant garments are specifically designed to be longer in length to provide protection below the groin area. The sleeves are engineered to fit snugly on the forearm and are comfortable enough for all day wear. Prevent Wear™ garments are worn over almost any type of clothing and are lightweight.

J100SP- ATA® Prevent Wear™ Composite Garments

  • ATA® / Composite Fibers / Full Zippered Jacket                
  • Light Weight / Extremely Comfortable
  • Provides High Level of Cut & Abrasion Resistance
  • Made with ATA® Technology / Made in the USA
  • ANSI Cut Level 5 Protection (Neck/Belly/Forearm)
  • ANSI Cut Level 4 Protection    (Chest/Back/Upper Arm)
  • Fully Customizable to Accommodate Your Safety Needs
  • Darker Color Hides Dirt & Soiling / Tough & Long-lasting
The ATA® Prevent Wear™Garments' product line also includes, pullovers, aprons and chaps. To learn more about these products and more, visit our website at,