Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Touch Screen Technology Series
Touch Screen - Texting Glove

 Introducing Worldwide Protective Products line of Touch Screen Technology gloves, - for today's high tech world.

More and more of our lives are becoming digital & computerized in every way. New technology continues to embrace touch screen capability for controlling countless operations & components, from your personal cell phone, to computers & tablets, to high tech control stations at today's modern manufacturing facilities. As more and more of our lives become hands on, the need for hand protection that supports our technology filled days becomes clear. Worldwide Protective Products has introduced a comprehensive line of gloves that allows for manipulation of any tough sensitive electronics using our revolutionary Touch Screen Technology fibers. Whether you need a fashion oriented glove for your daily commute, or a camouflaged pattern glove for your outdoor activities, or even a cut resistant glove for your demanding industrial job, WPP has the right products to support any application.


Worldwide Texting Glove
Worldwide Protective Products- Texting Glove
  • Mossy Oak-1Seamless Polyester Knit,Sublimated Mossy Oak Break-up Pattern
  • M500 TXT: Seamless ATA Knit, ANSI Cut Level 3 (index & thumb tips), ANSI Cut Level 4 (remainder of glove)
  • MAX10TXT-BK: Seamless Polyester Knit, Available in Black                              
  • M13MTXT-BLUE: Seamless Thermax Polyester Knit Available in Blue



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